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Our Favorite Things for August

July 30th, 2014 • Posted by Second Wind Day Spa • Permalink

Second Wind Day Spa staff helped but together this list of our favorite things for August!

Favorite Treatment:  Mediterranean Mud Massage

A massage using mineral rich sea mud & cleansing clays, infused with a blend of essential oils, to nourish and detoxify the body with the benefits of firming the skin. After showering a warm Mediterranean oil application hydrates the body and a light pressure scalp massage stimulates the senses.

Favorite Book:  The Mindful Woman

The Mindful Woman written by Sue Patton Thoele. In this book you will find gentle practices for restoring calm, finding balance and opening your heart because a few mindful moments make a world of difference.

Favroite Recipe: Sweet Summer Cocktail

  1. 1/4 cup mint
  2. 1 cup Grand Marnier
  3. 2 peaches, cut into thin wedges
  4. 1 bottle Viognier
  5. 1/3 cup water
  6. 1 mango, chopped
  7. 1/3 cup sugar
In a saucepan, cook the sugar and water until the sugar dissolves; transfer to a pitcher and refrigerate until cold. Stir in the Grand Marnier, Viognier, mango, peaches and mint and serve over ice.

Special Event:  An Evening with Dr. Viviane Carson

Dr. Viviane will be explaining the connection between the mind and the body which enables people to heal most conditions, emotional and physical. She will be doing a demonstration to show how this connection actually works, a slide presentation, and will address questions from the audience. She will also be doing a book signing of her new book: "You Are More Than Your Body! 7 Steps to Healing Body, Mind and Spirit".

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Greater Health With Massage

June 19th, 2014 • Posted by Second Wind Day Spa • Permalink

Massage affects people in many different ways. These effects range from physical to mental. Additionally, massage can help tie physical, emotional and mental health together to work in unison and create better balance in life. Many people think of massage as a technique used to induce relaxation. Massage does help people relax, but its value extends far beyond a day of relaxation.

Therapeutic massage helps the body heal and creates a general sense of well being. We can tailor our efforts toward meeting our clients' wellness goals. This is where we get into the rehabilitative aspects of massage.

People sit in unhealthy positions at work, or they stand all day, or they accrue repetitive stress from the unnatural movements they make over and over. Plus, all kinds of fluids build up and linger in the body, in the blood and in lymph vessels.

Massage therapy can help move those fluids around, helping the body to stay fresh and healthy, improving immune function. It is up to the client to tell us about:

  • Injuries from accidents
  • Bad posture habits from work or school
  • Areas of repetitive stress

One of the first results of massage therapy is a decrease in pain. Massage therapy manipulates soft tissue to flush fluid through the body, decrease pain, and decrease inflammation. Inflammation occurs in the joints of athletes, students, workers and the elderly. Not only does massage reduce pain and inflammation, it also increases flexibility. Massage therapy helps release the tension built up in stiff limbs and axis points, and thus, increases mobility in the entire body. Increases in mobility are especially noticeable in parts of the body that had been stiffened from stress.

This all helps bring people back into balance. What's more interesting is that it brings people into the present moment. After a massage session, people are able to gather their thoughts and put ideas together in a new more focused mindset. The massage allows for an adjustment: a way of letting go and coming back into the present moment.

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Three Places to Save Money on Your Wedding

June 2nd, 2014 • Posted by Second Wind Day Spa • Permalink

There are certain things you don't want to skimp on when it comes to your wedding day, but there are a few places you can cut back on. Best word of advice: don't skimp on the food or fun. In other words, splurge on good eats and hire the best band or dj you can find. Your guests will remember those things, but here are a few places where you can rein in your budget.


Yes, you want your tables to look nice but a giant centerpiece isn't necessarily the answer. Giant vases make it hard for people to have a conversation, candles are messy and fresh cut flowers are expensive, so consider an alternative. Some brides go with small bowls of candy or mints on the table. If you want flowers, go for small arrangements.


Flowers can add up fast. From bouquets to alter pieces, you'll rack up a bill with your florist in a heartbeat. Flowers do add a certain pop of color at weddings, so you don't want to cut your flower budget completely, but you can be smart about the flowers you pick. Stay away from exotic flowers, orchids and roses - they're expensive. Consider daisies and carnations and add greens to arrangements to fill them out.


A lot of brides dream of a big wedding cake, and if that's your dream, go for it. However, a lot of brides tend to order too much cake. Don't overpay for cake that's going to go to waste. Take your guest list, subtract 20 percent and tell the bakery to plan for that number - nothing more.

Remember, your guests are focused on you, not the glitz. The bride and groom are the center of attention, not the flowers or the centerpieces. Keep that in mind as you plan.

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